What you should know about Linkedin Stories

More and more social networks are introducing the Stories feature to their offer. First there was Instagram, then Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube and now Linkedin Stories.

Why do we see Stories everywhere?

Because they work.

Stories have become one of the most effective formats for engaging users and getting them to visit your website. But you can use them for additional purposes: increasing brand awareness, getting feedback from your customers, or increasing the audience of your profile.

If you use LinkedIn to sell, you should always look for new ways to reach potential customers. Linkedin Stories is a relatively new feature, so brands are still wondering how to use them. Be one of the first to use their potential. By using the possibilities of Linkedin Stories, you will be one big step closer to achieving your business goals.

In this article, we’ll cover:

• What are LinkedIn Stories, and how do they work?

• How to post a Stories on LinkedIn?

• How to use Stories in your company

• Some useful ideas for content on LinkedIn Stories

everything you wanted to know about LinkedIn Stories explained in detail.

What are LinkedIn Stories, and how do they work?

You probably know what Stories are all about because you’ve met them on other social networks.

LinkedIn Stories are similar to the rest: they are posted by users and companies and are praised by their followers and contacts.

However, there are some differences between LinkedIn Stories and Instagram.

The first thing you’ll notice is that LinkedIn Stories aren’t currently available on desktops. They can only be seen on phones through the Linkedin application. According to statistics, over 57% of users visit Linkedin on the phone. And this percentage increases every year.

Second, you can’t see other Stories posted by going to their profile and clicking on their profile picture. On Instagram (and Messenger), you can visit a person’s profile, and a light circle around their profile picture indicates they have Stories that you haven’t watched yet.

It doesn’t work that way on Linkedin. One option to view published Stories is to view them in your newsfeed.

Other than that, LinkedIn Stories is pretty much the same as Stories on other social media platforms.

If you still have questions about the technical aspect of Stories, we have prepared short answers to the most important questions:

Who can see your Stories?

Only people who are on your network or following your profile can see your Stories.

Can users react to Stories?

Yes, just like on Instagram – they can react by emoji or forward a given Stories as a message to one of their contacts.

Do LinkedIn Stories have a „swipe up” feature?

Yes, and it works just like on Instagram. We will discuss this in more detail later.

Can you check which users have viewed your Stories?

Yes, and this is a significant feature that can help build your brand reach.

How to post stories on LinkedIn?

Are you convinced of using Linkedin Stories in your brand communication? When you see how easy it is to publish them, you will have no doubts.

First things first: just as you can’t watch Stories by visiting Linkedin on your computer, you can’t post them that way.

Stories are all about fast, creative content, and you can use a simple photo that you take with your phone.

How to publish Linkedin Stories step by step:

1. Just like on Instagram, click on your profile picture (or logo for a company profile) in the Stories section (you’ll see a plus sign telling you that you’ve posted a Story).

2. This will open the Camera app, and LinkedIn will ask you to grant permission for the app. Grant the necessary permissions and take a photo with the camera or tap the photo icon on the left to transfer the finished image from your phone.

3. Tap the „Share Story” button, and you’re done! Note that you will always see a profile picture next to the „share story” button, so you will know whether the story is posted on your private profile or on a company profile you manage.

Dimensions for Stories on LinkedIn

If you want to create a Linkedin Story, you need to know the exact dimensions to avoid sharing cropped, over-enlarged or pixelated images.

Luckily for us, Stories on LinkedIn are the same dimensions as Stories on Instagram: 1080 × 1920 pixels.

How to use Stories in your company

Now that you know what Stories look like, what you can do with them and how you can publish them, it’s time to ask how you can use them in your company.

Make full use of the „shift up” feature. Refer users to your company page.

Regardless of the medium used – „click-to-site” ads on Instagram, Stories, social media ads – all of this gives you great opportunities to attract visitors to your website, which can easily be translated into transforming a user into a potential customer.

The same goes for LinkedIn Stories: you can use this format to send your contacts and followers back to your company page using the swipe up feature, just like on Instagram.

How to do it? It’s just 5 easy steps:

1. Click on your profile picture in the Stories section to start a new story.

2. Take a photo or upload it from your Gallery.

3. Tap the link icon at the top of the screen.

4. Add your website URL in the „Add link” field

5. Select „Done” and then „Share Story”

However, remember that not everyone can link to their story. This is only available to users with over 5,000 contacts or followers and company profiles.

Some useful ideas for content on LinkedIn Stories

Now that you are convinced that LinkedIn Stories is the right step for your business, you want to start creating this type of content. What do you start with, and what content can you create?

Here are some ideas.

• Publish real-time updates and news

Share spontaneous content that will show the energy of your brand.

• Share tips and insights from your industry

Use your experience and prepare advice for other people in your industry.

• Connect with people in the industry

Make mention of other people on your LinkedIn Stories, and don’t forget to uncheck them.

• Answer questions

Use Stories for questions frequently asked by your customers.

Linkedin Stories is still a young tool that is ignored by many brands and personalities on Linkedin. Use their opportunities and show your followers that you are not afraid of new challenges. This way, you will expand your reach and reach new potential customers. Stories give you the opportunity to show your brand from a more creative and relaxed side. You can experiment with creation and content.

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