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If you are interested in building business contacts on social media, you definitely use Linkedin. LinkedIn is a social platform that allows employees, employers and other professionals to contact each other while building a career or business development. Anyone can set up a basic account on Linkedin, but maybe you are interested in using the Linkedin Premium subscription?

LinkedIn offers tier-based premium accounts that are tailored to the needs of different types of users. Whether you’re looking for a job, recruiting for a job, or looking for leads on Linkedin, there is a membership tier for you that will unlock all sorts of features to help you achieve your goals. You might not even realize LinkedIn has a premium service, and if so, it’s worth checking out. In this article, we take a look at some of the key facts and benefits of LinkedIn’s premium service.

Linkedin Premium price

The first question is always the question of price. It is around 60 $ per month.

What does Linkedin Premium offer

If you’re serious about building a network of business contacts to build a strong lead base, then a LinkedIn Premium Account is perfect for you. Premium Accounts can use all the same features as Basic Accounts and much more. With Basic Premium Account, you can, for example, connect with different people faster and see more information about them.

In addition to the extended features, you have access to tools that are not available to free account users. You can search more precisely and locate specific people that you are trying to find. You also get bonuses that improve your visibility and give you an insight into the type of people who view your profile and are interested in contacting you.

How to enable a Linkedin Premium account

The process of switching from basic account to Linkedin premium is very simple. On the Linkedin portal, in the upper right corner of the user’s home page, there is a link „Free upgrade to Premium version”. Click on this link and your browser will take you to the correct page. Here you can take a look at the description of each package as well as the pricing plans. You have the option to choose a subscription depending on whether you want to use the premium features as an employee, company, salesperson or recruiter; each of these levels gets slightly more expensive as the benefits increase.

After reading the plan for each tier and deciding which one is right for you, click the „Choose a plan” button. The browser will go to the page where you will be asked to log in or one that will prepare you for payment. On the checkout page, you can enter your payment method and choose whether you want to be billed monthly or annually. After completing this page, you will be able to click the „Review Order” button at the bottom of the page. This should lead to a page where you can review and confirm your order details.

Managing and disabling Linkedin Premium

Managing or cancelling a premium subscription on LinkedIn is as easy as signing up. To cancel your account, start by clicking the „Me” icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage. When the drop-down menu appears, click the „Premium Subscription Settings” link. On the next page that appears, click „Account Type” (on the left) and then „Cancel Subscription”. A page will appear where you will be asked to select a reason for cancellation. After doing this, click „Continue” and then „Cancel my subscription”.

Find more contacts

With a premium account, your LinkedIn searches will allow you to find 35 times more profiles than with a basic account. This is especially beneficial for recruiters and traders looking for the perfect candidates or potential clients. In addition to the growth of profiles, you can also see much more information about people than you would with a Basic Account.

See who has visited your profile

Both the Basic and LinkedIn Premium versions give you access to information about people who have viewed your profile; however, LinkedIn premium accounts can see and learn much more about those who review you. For example, core members can only see the last 5 members who viewed their page in the last 90 days, while premium members can see anyone who has viewed their site within the same timeframe. In addition, premium members have access to many other insights and graphs regarding those who visit their profile.

Additional search filters

If you choose the LinkedIn Recruiter or Sales Navigator package for your premium plan, you have the option of using additional search filters. The search tool is one of the key features of LinkedIn, and these filters will help you narrow your searches and find people from a specific target audience.

Premium filters allow you to search according to the following criteria:

• Years of experience

• Position

• Seniority

• Interested

• The size of the company

InMail messages

Anyone on LinkedIn can send private messages to their contacts, but to send messages to those you’re not connected to, you must be able to send InMail. The InMail feature is only available to premium members and depending on the premium tier, you receive a certain number of credits per month that are used to send InMail messages.

To access InMail LinkedIn, click the „Messages” button located on the toolbar at the top of the homepage. Through the news page, you can compose messages, check your email, and perform all other messaging tasks.

Show off a gold sticker under your name

The final benefit of having a premium account on LinkedIn is the prestige and power of the gold „W” badge. Spammers and spoofs are everywhere on the Internet, and this unfortunate fact makes it difficult for people to know who to trust when they meet strangers online. However, thanks to the golden sticker, those who see your name will know that you are a serious player on Linkedin.

As you can see, LinkedIn Premium accounts can achieve much more than the basic ones. Premium accounts are easy to register and cancel, have additional search functions, provide more statistics, more credibility, and many other features. Ultimately, switching to premium gives you a better chance of getting in touch and finding the right people from your target audience. If you’re really serious about using Linkedin as a way to connect and advance your career, there’s no reason not to use an expanded account.

LinkedIn offers free trials of its premium features to those who have never used a trial before. If you are still unsure whether any additional benefits will prove useful, you can always try and see them before joining the full membership. For professionals, Linkedin is the best community platform, and now you can try the extensive features for free.

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