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We’ve combined our extensive knowledge with and an innovative technology

We have proven results of successful campaigns from our services. We’ve combined our extensive sales and marketing experience with a G1ANT software.



Tomasz Kmiecik

Founder & CEO

Anastasia Paruntseva

Head of Business Development

Chris Prusik

Co-Founder & CTO

Maciek Kempinski

Head Of RPA Department

Kacper Borowiecki

Software Developer

Ewa Struniawska

Marketing Assistant

Przemek Witusik

Software Architect

Ewa Najbar

Office Coordinator

Wojciech Romaniuk

Business Analyst


Generating valuable contacts requires extensive knowledge of marketing, sales, social media, and knowledge of technology. Below you can find the most frequently asked questions about RobotIn with answers.

Leads generation

Digital Marketing

We generate sales leads through the LinkedIn social network. Based on a carefully picked target groups of your customers, we use automated tools to reach people who may be interested in your products or services. We use a robot that interacts with potential customers on your behalf.

We generate leads, not build customers databases. We generate all contacts on your behalf, using your or a selected profile on LinkedIn. We will define the action strategy at the consultation stage of Robotin contract.

We can guarantee the reach of 15,000 people per campaign. This is related to the limits imposed by LinkedIn and other social networks.


Digital Marketing

We use robots, that we program under your campaign expectations, to perform automated interactions with a selected profile of potential customers. We work with the technology provided by G1ANT combined with the extensive experience of our sales and marketing team. Our robots imitate human behaviour on the LinkedIn social network (they visit profiles, send invitations and messages to potential customers).

We make sure that all our activities - including automated processes performed by robots - are fully compliant with Linkedin’s regulations and rules.

We offer a complete implementation service, create an action strategy, program robots and take care of their operation. We make modifications to the robot's operations and operate it.

Campaign modification is a change of one or more parameters according to which potential clients are searched (e.g. function, location, industry). Modifications are introduced to optimize the results of the campaign and to match the obtained leads better.

When you decide on the Premium or Business package, all your leads will be automatically transferred to your CRM.

To use the RobotIn lead generation service, you do not need to purchase additional Linkedin tool, but it is worth remembering that these tools allow for more precise targeting and reaching potential customers.


Digital Marketing

We are with you every step of the way when launching RobotIn and a consultation is the first step, during which we not only define your expectations but also advise you on the best use of RobotIn abilities. As part of the implementation process, we create a lead generation strategy for you and help you launch your campaign effectively.

The number of leads depends on several factors, including industry in which you operate or the strategy of obtaining inquiries. Our experience shows that it may vary from several to a dozen in valuable leads per month.

RobotIn is a service dedicated to acquiring leads through the LinkedIn social network. However, similar actions in other social networks are possible, although they require individual solutions. If you would like to generate leads, e.g. on Facebook or Instagram - we will be happy to talk to you about dedicated solutions.

At RobotIn, we make sure that the leads we deliver are of high quality. We deal with effectively reaching potential customers and building customer brand value. Our experience shows that the minimum duration of a campaign that will generate valuable RFPs is 2-3 months. We also follow the rules imposed on us by LinkedIn and other social networks, and we do not exceed the limits related to making contacts and sending messages via networking, which means that campaigns have to be spread over time.

Payments for campaigns can be received by bank transfer. We charge monthly fees, payable in advance, based on the contract and invoices.

Customers who decide to cooperate with us long-term or order many robots at once can count on discounts. We also grant discounts for referring new customers to us. Be sure to discuss any potential discounts with our advisers.

We don’t offer test campaigns. We can offer references from other clients as proof of the Robotin concept.

The range that we can guarantee for each campaign is 15,000 people. This is related to the limits imposed by LinkedIn and other social networks.

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