Employer branding on LinkedIn – why it is worth using the power of the portal.

The text that appears under your name at the top of your LinkedIn profile is Employer branding is the activities undertaken to build the employer’s brand. Typically, the employer’s brand embodies the mission, values and culture of the organization. A positive employer brand signals to potential job candidates that the company is a reputable employer and will constitute a good workplace. Building employer branding on LinkedIn is the perfect way to show your company’s brand.

Maintaining a positive employer brand can make a big difference in attracting the best talent and valuable employees to your company. The more your employees are involved in building the employer’s brand, the more likely they will be successful.

How to build a strong employer brand?


The most important thing is consistency in actions.

 “The problem with most employer branding is that it is separate from the corporate branding and major business drivers. It’s usually managed by the HR department and too often is associated with superficial benefits like a free lunch or unlimited vacation.”  – Michael Watras, President and CEO of the strategic branding agency Straightline.


Where to start?

It is worth starting to define the company’s brand by examining the basic elements of the company’s mission, values ​​and vision. Ask yourself: what makes your company a great employer? The key to building an employer brand is finding ways to translate the company’s values ​​and finding a way to translate them into simple communication for potential employees.

Top employer brands create and maintain continuity across all communication channels, from corporate websites to social media platforms and job descriptions.

According to data from LinkedIn, more than half of job seekers check company profiles on social media and the company’s website to find out more about their potential employers. Coherent, thoughtful communication makes an attractive impression on the company from the very beginning.


How to improve your brand?

A well-run brand will not only strengthen your business but also allow you to reach the best colleagues. Together, this will become a recipe for the rapid development of your business. According to the data provided by LinkedIn, well-conducted employer branding on LinkedIn leads to a much larger number of qualified candidates, shortening the recruitment process and a significant improvement of the recruitment budget.

A three-step process


Building a good brand requires a three-step process:

    Develop a talent structure that identifies the key qualities managers and executives expect from their employees.

    Ask for feedback from your team. Ask them if the requirements for future associates are appropriate, what benefits will be attractive for future employees, and whether your company communicates these values ​​in a clear and transparent manner.

    Introduce the developed talent map into the structure of your company. Remember that outward-facing communication is a good starting point, but you also need to be aware of internal communication to get the most support from your team. Thanks to the feedback from your employees, you will be able to find areas for improvement, what processes and benefits you can implement in the company and how to best match your organization to the brand you want to communicate.


Develop a brand enhancement strategy

It’s time to move on to practical activities. With all the previous information in mind, here are just a few strategies you can use to strengthen your brand with employer branding activities on LinkedIn:

    Share organic content for your employees. Use employee-generated content that shows a true-to-life picture of your company and work culture.

    Share what is happening in the company: how you care for your employees, your company culture, what is behind your products / services, or how you help the community. See how your company connects people or how your company can connect candidates with employees.

    Focus on using the experience of your employees

    Show how you support your employees in the unusual times of Covid and the pandemic? This will have a lasting impact on your employer brand.

    Continue communicating with your pool of applicants and experts:

    Keep your communication open when it comes to suspension of employment, removal of job advertisements, etc.

    Send clear messages about your company’s position in the marketplace.

    Show off your employees outside of working hours: share their hobbies and show them on vacation.

    Prepare an employee recommendation program.


Employee recommendations and employer branding

Building the employer’s brand and employee recommendations go hand in hand. The results of the employee recommendation program are direct proof of the organization’s brand success. If your employees routinely direct members of their networks to your business, that is a good reflection of your brand.

In addition, referrals often provide more valuable candidates with lower recruitment costs. According to data from Undercover Recruiter, recommended employees stay in companies much longer than those employed in other, traditional ways. via bulletin boards. reports that referrals only cost a fraction of the budget compared to recruiting a candidate from other sources.


Referral Program

Here are some strategies for managing your referrals effectively:

    Make quick decisions: do not hesitate to recognize and confirm the recommendation and hire a recommended candidate.

    Personal touch: don’t send automated emails. Take the time to write a thank-you note to a specific employee – this way you will maintain a good relationship with valuable candidates, even if they do not fit the specific position.

    Consider the referral fee of qualified applicants: Each Reference Program has a referral fee of the employee to be hired. However, think about rewarding also for referrals of highly qualified candidates that you were not able to hire or did not fit into open recruitment.

    Extend the reach of your Reference Program: Former employees, retired employees and even clients can be a rich source of valuable candidates.

    Use opinions from social media. Social media platforms are the main source of interaction between your organization and former employees.


Negative feedback – what to do

Even the most respected companies face negative reviews on platforms like Glassdoor. When it comes to employer branding and negative feedback on social media, it’s not about how to avoid them, but how to manage them.

Open communication is the key. All feedback can be helpful, both to identify ways to improve the organizational culture and to strengthen the employer’s brand.

Here are some strategies for dealing with negative comments on social media:


Don’t take negative feedback as a direct attack.

    Always respond and thank the reviewer for his opinion. Reassure the contributors that their comments are taken seriously and will be discussed internally.


Offer a one-on-one interview to discuss the opinion further.

    Unfortunately, in some cases, negative reviews may violate nondisclosure agreements or consist of false allegations. In these cases, it is imperative to consult with the Human Resources Department and the Legal Department about what to do next.

    Finally, pay equal attention to positive feedback on social media. These posts should also receive replies and lead to invitations to one-on-one chat. You may also consider encouraging reviewers to share their experiences on other platforms.


Employer branding – you already know it’s worth it

A strong employer brand can improve the company’s financial performance. It helps attract and retain qualified candidates, lowers recruiting costs, and increases the overall efficiency of your business. The success of the employer brand is a consequence of activities throughout the organization, from top to bottom. Moreover, attracting the best talent by building the brand of employers integrate these people with your brand, which is the best way to maintain and strengthen it.

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