Content Marketing on LinkedIn? Yes! See how to do it (Part 3)


In the previous parts of this article, you learned why Content Marketing on LinkedIn is an essential tool for growth-minded companies [PART 1] and you learned about 2 of the 4 types of content that work well for Content Marketing on LinkedIn [PART 2]. Now we have video content and user-created content. We invite you to read.

Video content on LinkedIn

Everyone seems to love video content. In addition, LinkedIn makes it easy to share video content on the portal.

Even if you are not a professional video creator, there are some great video editing tools that will allow you to create immersive, high-quality video content.

Why post a video on LinkedIn

LinkedIn video content has many benefits, as do status and content updates in the long run. For starters, you can edit who you want to share your content with. Videos are also eye-catching, so they’re more likely to get engagement and attention than a text-based status update or lengthy content. In addition, LinkedIn algorithms are geared to keeping all channels filled with interesting and varied content.

Video is also shared more often than any other content, meaning people who watch and enjoy your videos are more likely to comment and share. This means that your account’s followers will see your content more often. Finally, video is an easy way to join forces with other industry leaders (who aren’t in competition with you) to share content that benefits both profiles.

Among other things, you can interview an expert, record Q&A or join forces for joint promotion. Then share the video on LinkedIn and tag your colleagues. You can also share content from your account, which means more people will know about your brand. 

How to post a video on LinkedIn

Producing high-quality videos don’t have to be complicated. Here are some ways to get the most out of your video content for content marketing on LinkedIn.



As with any content creation, you need to start by brainstorming your list of ideas on topics for video. Choose ideas that are interesting, provide value to your network, and that you can create without a large budget. 

What do you need to record a video? Only 3 things:

• The camera

• Microphone

• A place to record

That’s all. If you have these three, you can create content that gets noticed on LinkedIn. Depending on the type of video content you’re creating, you’ll likely want to invest in decent hardware and add lighting to your list of needs. However, you may even find that videos recorded only with your cell phone provide the engagement you are looking for. 

Switch to live broadcasting

LinkedIn allows certain profiles to both live streams and shares recorded video on your LinkedIn account. We encourage you to use a combination of both live and pre-recorded content to get the most out of your content marketing on LinkedIn. Live video has a greater engagement on LinkedIn than previously recorded videos.

You must apply to become a LinkedIn Live broadcaster, but you can create and share pre-recorded videos at any time. 

User Generated Content

User-Generated Content is any content created by LinkedIn users. It can be articles, videos, graphics, posts – anything. This is a great way to increase engagement and greater exposure for your brand.

Thanks to such content, you have the opportunity to show off your users and followers in a way, and make them feel seen and will continue to be willing to cooperate with your brand.

User-generated content offers many benefits.

• First, it encourages the involvement of your followers.

• Second, such content is also perceived as more authentic and valuable than the content produced by the company. 

People trust people. And because user-generated content is created and shared by people who follow your brand, you can show how your products and services are represented in the real world without intrusive advertising. Sharing user-generated content can also help increase trust and brand loyalty.

The users who create and share your brand content act as brand spokespersons. By sharing user-generated content, you show them that you value their contribution to your brand and include them in your content marketing strategy on LinkedIn. You can reach users who have already created content related to your brand and ask them if you can use their content on LinkedIn. You can also solicit user-generated content yourself. 

Guidelines for posting user-generated content

When you actively encourage users to engage in a discussion about your brand, you’ll often acquire content related to your brand that you can use on LinkedIn. Here are some ways to find and share user-generated content related to your brand on LinkedIn.

First, ask users to contact you. Invite users to comment on your posts by asking them what they think.

You can then search LinkedIn for mentions of your business. This not only gives you the chance to find user-generated content but also to see what people really think about your brand. You can then decide if you want to join the conversation. One of the best ways to get more user-generated content is to run a competition, for example. 

Make the most of your content marketing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a vast social network for professionals, thanks to which you can present your content and brand to those responsible for the business decisions of your potential customers. While it’s definitely more suitable for B2B businesses, you can still use LinkedIn no matter who your customers are or what industry you work in to find and nurture new relationships and help your business grow.

By using the content marketing strategy on LinkedIn, you increase the chances that your brand will not only be discovered on LinkedIn but also increase the effectiveness of your marketing communication. With this guide, you have everything you need to make it happen.

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