Company Profile on LinkedIn – how to run it for the best results (Part 2)

Maintaining an online and social media presence is essential to stay with your customers, prospects, employees, alumni, the media, and others who are interested in getting news about your company and its employees. A company profile on LinkedIn is one of the places where the presence of your company is essential. In the first part of the article, you learned about some of the tips that will help you get the best results on LinkedIn. In the second part, you will find more tips.

Create an employee support program.

Create a formal structure around your company’s employee engagement engine. There are many tools that make it easy for employees to share content and promote your site (just remember to share your content at peak times in the target user’s time zone).

Encourage your partners and leaders to publish information about your company (remind them to tag your company profile on LinkedIn). The most influential people in your company serve as important voices and often have extensive professional networks on LinkedIn. When they mention your company profile on LinkedIn and connect with your company profile, it will help to increase traffic and gain new followers.

Encourage engagement with your posts.

When your followers engage with your content by reacting to or commenting on it, you extend the reach of that content to a wider audience (often in addition to your first tier followers). Develop a plan to encourage substantive comments on the posts on your LinkedIn company profile and comment on something equally valuable.

Analyze your competitors’ company profiles.

Competition research is a very useful tool in refining your strategy in every area of ​​marketing, and LinkedIn is no different. Make a list of top competitors and stay up to date with what they post so you can know what they post, but more importantly, identify gaps in your content and provide something your target audience won’t find anywhere else.

Post and share job offers.

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful job-search tools out there today. By publishing your job offers on your company profile on LinkedIn, you will increase the visibility of your company while attracting new talents.

Use hashtags strategically.

One of the most effective ways to gain new followers and increase the reach of your posts is to use the appropriate hashtags. To find the relevant hashtags, look at your competitors, use the # sign in the main LinkedIn search bar to search, and use online tools like Hashtagifyme and Ritetag to help you find the relevant hashtags. In addition, when you associate your business profile on LinkedIn with the appropriate hashtags in the community hashtags, you can react/comment on conversations from the perspective of your company.

Customize your content based on your analytics.

Site administrators can access an extensive set of analytical tools that provide demographic information about your followers and visitors, as well as data on engagement with your updates. Use these insights to find out which content was popular with your followers and did not score poorly. Adjust your content to the needs of the audience that will result from the analysis.

Include an option to follow your profile on LinkedIn on your website and blogs.

Display buttons to encourage people to follow your social feeds on your website and blogs. This will allow visitors to share your content on their social channels easily.

Post valuable content regularly.

Maintaining a constant stream of new content on your LinkedIn business profile will ensure its better visibility in followers’ channels. Company profiles that they publish at least once a week experience a twofold increase in engagement, according to LinkedIn. Regularly posting high-quality content increases your visibility on LinkedIn by increasing engagement.

How to do it? First, interest your audience with up-to-date information so that they visit your LinkedIn company profile in search of new content. Second, when your followers share or comment on your content, their connections will often see activity on their feed. This increases the visibility for potential followers. Note – the more valuable your content and engagement with your followers you’ll reach more users. The final step is to make your content available to as many relevant groups as possible.

Invite others to like your company profile on LinkedIn.

Page administrators can invite their first-degree contacts to follow the company profile on LinkedIn in batches of 50 at a time. You have 100 invitations per month at your disposal. Unused invitations don’t carry over to the next month, so make sure to redeem them.

A few things to remember:

  • Only page administrators with fewer than 500 Contacts can invite all their contacts using the „Select All” option. Admins with more than 500 connections have to choose who they want to invite manually.
  • Only company pages with less than 100,000 followers can invite members to follow using this option.
  • If the administrator has fewer than three connections, he will not have the option available – the workaround is to add multiple administrators.
  • You can only send one invitation per member, and please note that LinkedIn members can opt-out of receiving corporate page invitations through their settings.

Try some of these tips on your LinkedIn business profile and watch your followers grow. Just remember that the key to an effective LinkedIn Business Page strategy is to provide a steady stream of added value to your followers – this should be your guiding principle with every post you create, including writing it in a customer-centric way.


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