12 tips on how to increase your network of contacts on Linkedin

When it comes to making business contacts and building a network of contacts, there is no better solution than Linkedin.

No Facebook, No Instagram, No Twitter, No Snapchat.

LinkedIn is a great place to connect with other professionals who are serious about business. Almost every professional in the world has a LinkedIn profile. Over 740 million from 200 user countries already have Linkedin accounts. Such a large user base makes LinkedIn an ideal platform for selling B2B products and services. But for sales to be effective, you need to develop your Linkedin network.

In this article, we will provide you with tips to increase your network of contacts on Linkedin, which will translate into traffic on your Linkedin account.

How to increase your network of contacts on Linkedin


1. Attach images to your posts

This may seem like a simple thing, but it’s essential, especially on LinkedIn. It’s no secret that images increase engagement on social media posts. On LinkedIn, research shows that attaching a photo increases your post’s views 11 times.

This means you need a header photo, profile photo, and photos in all posts you publish to maximize the visibility of your profile.

However, it’s not about posting mismatched photos. They must be relevant to your target audience on Linkedin.


2. Get to know your target group

Do you know what they want, what they like and what your audience needs on LinkedIn?

Each communication channel is different, but based on these questions, you can make several assumptions.

ComScore examined the demographic composition of each social media network. Although LinkedIn is one of the most popular social networks among adults in their 30s and older, younger millennials tend to avoid it.

On Linkedin, the traditional approach should work well for this audience. Generate high-quality LinkedIn leads by publishing unique and valuable content that encourages clicks.

If you have a paid membership on LinkedIn, you have access to a solid set of data about who is viewing your profile, reading your posts and contacting you. It is worth analyzing these indicators from time to time.

Whether you are looking at the data or not, there is one thing you should do – get to know your network.

Interact, send messages, like, follow, post and comment. It will pay off when you get to know your network more personally.


3. Create your group

One of the best ways to expand your network is to create a group on LinkedIn. This will help you attract professionals who are interested in specific topics and will provide a platform for your posts.

Another benefit of LinkedIn groups is the ability to share information with people without having to add it as contacts.

Creating a group is a good first step to increasing your network of contacts on Linkedin


4. Get your employees involved

If your company has employees, involve them in building your network of contacts on Linkedin.

When your employees are part of your network and are actively engaged, you greatly increase the reach of your posts. All they have to do is add your company page as their current employer and they will automatically follow your page.


5. Make contact with customers

Satisfied customers are also great supporters of the brand. They will be more inclined to endorse your skills and share your posts with their Linkedin networks.


6. Share movies

Video content increases online engagement, especially when used for marketing purposes. It also increases conversions by 80 percent.

Adding a video to your LinkedIn posts makes your profile more attractive to visitors and attracts more views.

Thanks to video, more information can be conveyed in a shorter time, which will accelerate the development of the network.


7. Start conversations with your network of contacts on Linkedin

There is no point in building your network if you don’t make enough use of your current contacts. Interacting with the current network of contacts on Linkedin allows you to see who is active and who may be fake.

Fake social media followers can negatively impact your brand image, both from people and from algorithms.

In short, you are wasting valuable marketing money on lower profits when you engage in click farms and other fake profiles.


8. Connect LinkedIn to your blog

In WordPress, you can easily link your account with LinkedIn to automatically share your posts using a plugin.

This is a key part of your online conversion rate optimization efforts as it helps lead potential customers deeper in your sales funnel. Especially when generating potential customers is your main goal on Linkedin.


9. Add your LinkedIn Page to your email signature

LinkedIn is the place where you want to direct your business contacts, so remind all contacts about your Linkedin profile in every email. This allows them to research your company and learn more about your brand in the business context.

Everything you do online should tell a coherent brand story. LinkedIn is a professional network where B2B sales dominate.


10. Publish articles regularly

Publish articles to be constantly featured in the feed of your network of contacts on Linkedin. Original and valuable content will gain the interest of your contacts and show them your position as an expert in the industry.


11. Plan your posts wisely

Since LinkedIn has a different audience than Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google+, the best times for posting are also different.

The start and end of an office worker’s day is the perfect time to post on LinkedIn (7:00 am to 9:00 am and 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm).

The time of day is important, but the day you post is also important. Weekends are bad and everyone has a Monday or Friday fever from time to time, so Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the days of the week when people are most focused on work.


12. Create job offers

Searching for a job is one of the most popular uses of LinkedIn. Of course, posting a job offer on the website will attract the attention of interested professionals and allow you to establish new contacts.

In addition to filling a position, there are advantages to posting a job offer. A job advertisement gives you additional exposure and usually sends a signal that your business is constantly growing and expanding its teams.

What’s next?

LinkedIn is a great place to connect with other professionals who can become future business partners, customers, and even employees. LinkedIn is a great platform for disseminating professional information and servicing B2B clients.

Developing your network on LinkedIn will help increase your customer base.

And what solutions do YOU ​​use to increase your network of contacts on Linkedin?

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