How to write a message on Linkedin to connect with customers (Part 2)

In the previous article, we showed you why preparing an appropriate message on Linkedin is crucial for obtaining valuable leads on Linkedin. We also shared 4 out of 10 tips on how to prepare the right message on Linkedin to get the best out of Linkedin to support sales. Time for the remaining 6 tips for the right messaging strategy on Linkedin.

For early tips, check out our previous article [LINK]. In the previous article, we covered the first 4 news tips on Linkedin.

1. Short is better.

2. Concentrate on the benefits of your offer

3. Follow the principle of „4 points of contact”

4. Show the value of your offer

Now it’s time for 6 more tips.

Tip # 5: Show testimonials from your clients

In addition to showing the value of your offer, it is important that your potential customers also get references from your customers satisfied with your services. If you have worked with customers in the past who operate in the same industry as the potential customer, you are contacting, include their first name, last name and company name in the message presenting your offer.

An example of a message on Linkedin:

Hello [Name]

At RobotIn, we have helped over 100 companies – including Zetha and Admiral. Tax – reach thousands of potential customers thanks to automated campaigns on Linkedin.

Do you want to know more?

Tip # 6: Include a case study with your listing

Not every company has had the opportunity to work with reputable clients. If you don’t already have relevant references to show, instead include a customer and industry case study that will be a good representative of your offer and its benefits. The case study shows the potential client how you helped other companies from similar industries achieve the desired results with your services/product.

An example of a message on Linkedin:

Hello [Name],

I have prepared a case study for you, in which you will see what results we obtained in the campaign for another publishing company. It shows you exactly what results you can expect. Can I send you a case study?

Tip # 7: Share valuable content

We noted in Part 1 of the article that you have to be careful when sending links via LinkedIn Messenger because LinkedIn automatically converts links to thumbnails that take up the entire message screen?

Well, one way to knowingly send links is to send links to your content.

Offering valuable content is an effective way to arouse interest in your offer and build your position as a leader in the industry.

Here’s an example of what your „4 touchpoints” (which we mentioned in the first part of this article) would look like with this strategy:

Send a contact request mentioning the content you want to share.

“I created an e-book about generating leads on Linkedin. Can I send it to you along with our offer? „

Repeat the value of free content and offer it again.

Send a direct offer for a meeting or phone call.

Notice in the example above that you want to describe your content to the prospect first and ask if you can submit it before sending the link.

Thanks to this approach, you can count on:

You offer added value on the first contact.

You get the first „yes” from a potential customer on the first contact.

Just remember that this approach is only effective if your free content is valuable and offers significant value to the potential customer.

A good way to judge whether your content is valuable is to put yourself in the prospect’s shoes and ask yourself if the content would be valuable and helpful for you.

Examples of messages on Linkedin:

Message 1

    Hello [Name],

    At RobotIn, we help sales teams like yours turn contacts on Linkedin into potential customers thanks to automated Linkedin campaigns.

    I’d like to join your network of contacts and learn a bit about my company.

Message 2

    Hello [Name],

    We have prepared a new e-book on how to create a Linkedin profile that will support your sales.

    Can i send it to you?

Message 3

    Hello [Name],

    In our new ebook, we share the results of automated campaigns from three companies in your industry that generate hundreds of leads each month through our campaigns.

    Want to see them do it? Let me know and I will send you a link to the case study.

Message 4

    Hello [Name],

    Do you want to know how we help companies like yours generate leads thanks to automated campaigns on Linkedin?

    Use this link for Calendly to book a 15 minute interview with me and I will tell you about our process: [link to Calendly]

Tip # 8: Show your portfolio

For Linkedin users like designers, developers, copywriters, photographers, and videographers, nothing sells better than your portfolio. If you belong to these industries, do not forget to prepare a good portfolio that will fully show your skills and capabilities.

Your potential client wants to see your designs, so share them!

After sending the request to join your network of contacts, add to your Linkedin message: „My company provides X. Would you like to see our portfolio?”

In most cases, the prospect will reply like „Sure, submit.”

Even if a potential client may not currently need your services, they will have your portfolio on hand when the need arises.

An example of messages on Linkedin

    Hello [Name],

    My company deals with high-quality marketing and copywriting projects.

    Would you like to take a look at our portfolio?

Tip # 9 Choose a personalized approach

Automated campaigns on Linkedin are a great solution for acquiring valuable leads on Linkedin. The first contact with a prospect can be done through automation, but remember that when a prospect replies to your message on LinkedIn, send a personal response immediately.

Establishing contact can be left to automation, but maintaining contact depends on you. Many people assume that every message on LinkedIn is a robot, not a human, so a personalized message on Linkedin can do a lot.

Tip # 10: Create a multi-channel communication strategy

After receiving a message to a potential customer, not only should you send a personalized reply immediately, but you should also create a multi-channel communication strategy.

Don’t forget that messages on Linkedin are only part of your communication. Posting, writing an article and interacting with content on Linkedin. These are all elements that will help you reach more potential customers. They also posed for you to stay in touch with customers who have already learned about your offer, but have not yet decided to use your services.

We hope our tips will help you create your Linkedin posting strategy. If you want to create a Linkedin profile that will help you sell, we have prepared an e-book for you with tips and advice. On our blog you will also find other articles that will support your sales on Linkedin.

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