How to create the best sales profile on LinkedIn (Part 3)

How to stand out on LinkedIn? Get to know these 7 tips and generate PRO level leads.

In the first part of the article, we discussed the basic information about optimizing the sales profile on Linkedin.

In the second part, you have learned the first 4 out of 9 simple steps to create the best sales profile on LinkedIn. It’s time for the last 5 steps.

Step 5: Complete your experiences section with successes

The first instinct when filling out the Experience section is to fill it in just like a CV or using your job descriptions. Before you do this, however, remember that a potential buyer is not interested in reading about you but in finding answers to the needs of their business.

So how do you approach completing this section? It’s easier than you think. The best Linkedin sales profiles do it this way:

1. Everyone in your company will work for mutual success

It is important that your sales and marketing teams apply consistent communication that is based on the company’s values ​​and mission. Using constant communication allows you to build a consistent brand in the minds of potential customers, regardless of who they are talking to in your organization.

2. Don’t be afraid to talk about your successes

Have you helped many people in your position? Have your customers achieved impressive results with your products or services? Show it on your Linkedin sales profile and be grateful for being able to help so many people.

3. Include all your positions

Suppose your role has changed while you were with the same employer, list all of these positions. If you changed several titles, but your responsibilities remained the same, focus on the different things you accomplished in each role.

4. Provide information succinctly

Descriptions of your experiences and positions should be fairly short for each position. Aim for less than 75 words. Use lists and bullets to help keep your communication concise and legible.

5. Add a strong call to action for visitors to your sales profile

At the end of the day, you always want your potential customers to take action on your Linkedin sales profile. Add an interesting CTA to describe your current role that will lead potential customers to the appropriate page on your site, such as a case study, product page, or pricing page.

Step 6: Show what activities you are taking in the field of education and volunteering

Show that you exist outside of work! Use this section to provide general information that will showcase the human behind the screen.

These experiences can be a great part of starting a conversation. Or maybe a potential customer shares your interests and will be more willing to talk?

However, there are a few key things to avoid in this section:

DO NOT ADD your high school, even if you went to a famous high school.

DO NOT mention the year in which you graduated. Sometimes, age can be an unconscious bias in the way people communicate with you to prospects.

Step 7: List your most important skills and get their validation

The best sales profiles on LinkedIn contain proof of your expertise. This means you need reliable recommendations.

While it’s good to be appreciated by colleagues, LinkedIn recommendations shouldn’t be made just by your colleagues. You also need support from credible industry people and customers you’ve helped. It shows that you know how to add value to your business and are good at building business relationships.

Step 8: Get recommendations from trusted professionals

Many people believe that recommendations are only relevant to future career opportunities but also act as references.

If you can write an authentic recommendation about your experience of working with someone, do so. Chances are they’ll return the favour by adding value for both of you. This also applies to potential customers who have become customers!

If they don’t react immediately, don’t panic. Consider encouraging them with a few recommendations, but be ready to move on to a new LinkedIn connection with an excellent recommendation if that doesn’t work.

Step 9: Highlight your achievements: honours and awards, projects, publications, languages

This section might make you look like the rock star you are, but it’s easy to overdo it. Talking about your achievements is an art, and when you are in sales, it becomes crucial.

Here are some tips:

1. List only prestigious honours and awards

In this section focus on prestigious awards issued by well-known organizations. Such as being part of the annual Top 50 Sales Hacker awards or being recognized as a leading woman in sales.

2. Publications

If you’ve been cited on a wide variety of sales content, this is the place to showcase it.

3. Languages

If you don’t really speak the language, don’t turn it on. Two years of French from high school don’t count.

4. Projects

Most people leave this section blank. But if you’ve done some great sales project or helped a customer build a custom solution (and have their consent to share it), a list that here.

You have already completed all the steps. What now?

Now, your sales profile should be one of LinkedIn’s best sales profiles right now. Its optimization will help you develop your career and put you on the way to effective social selling on LinkedIn.

Now that you’ve done that, you need to create valuable content that grabs attention, connect with the right people, and start real-world sales calls.

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