How to create the best sales profile on Linkedin (Part 1)

To be successful in sales, you should strive to make your Linkedin sales profile stand out from the competition.

So what distinguishes the best sales profile on Linkedin from the rest?

A standout sales profile on LinkedIn is fully optimized for sales – not a salesperson’s experience or personality. By paying close attention to every element of your profile, you prepare for social selling.

To help you create the best sales profile on Linkedin, we have prepared tips and advice for you.

Before you start optimizing your sales profile on Linkedin, answer these 4 questions:

• What are the best profiles on LinkedIn?

• How can I optimize my LinkedIn in terms of sales?

• What is a good bio on LinkedIn?

• How to write a sales summary on LinkedIn?

Optimize your sales profile on Linkedin

Optimize your LinkedIn profile by following these 9 steps:

• Step 1: Choose a profile picture that appropriately represents you

• Step 2: Use a custom background photo

• Step 3: Best LinkedIn headlines for sales

• Step 4: Write a summary that attracts the right contacts

• Step 5: Complete your Experience section

• Step 6: Show how much you are interested in education and volunteering

• Step 7: List your most important skills

• Step 8: Get recommendations from other professionals

• Step 9: Highlight your achievements

What are the best sales profiles on LinkedIn?

The best LinkedIn profiles, especially for sales, contain accurate and up-to-date information about the product or offer is sold. A good LinkedIn profile should follow specific rules.


• Professional profile picture

• Simple and original profile header

• A well-prepared summary

• A well-written work experience list

• Education

• List of endorsements and skills

• Recommendations from clients and colleagues

• Completed projects

• Published works

• LinkedIn groups

How can I optimize my LinkedIn for sales?

LinkedIn, when properly used for social selling, has the potential to increase sales and revenue for businesses and sales representatives. Below are some helpful tips on how to optimize your LinkedIn sales profile.

1. Use a high-quality professional image

Use good lighting and a suitable background. Your profile picture shouldn’t be faded or blurry. If you have trouble finding or taking a good photo, hire a professional photographer.

2. Write a headline and summary

Pay particular attention to a clear message that presents you appropriately. It should contain relevant keywords that potential customers might be looking for. Your summary should explain why users should work with you, including your contact details, making it easier for those interested in contacting you directly.

For more information, check out our article:

How to create a good headline on Linkedin. Examples of headers

3. Get recommendations from clients and previous employers and associates.

This increases your credibility and allows you to build trust with potential customers. Your LinkedIn sales profile, when used correctly, acts as a branding tool and a customer friction tool. Therefore, it is a good idea to ask former customers who have expressed satisfaction with using your services/products to give you recommendations.

4. Use the media as a storytelling tool

Telling people your story is not enough. You have to show them. A great way to optimize your sales with your LinkedIn profile is to use photos and videos to create a positive first impression.

Here are some great ideas you should include on your LinkedIn profile:

• Personal videos of you

• Entries from the company blog

• Product presentations

• Customers opinion

• Articles on LinkedIn

5. Get and make connections

Your goal should be to make at least 500 connections. These should be distributed among the buyers in your funnel, both customers and colleagues. A good way to check relationships is to make sure you have at least 3 areas of common interest.

What does a good summary look like on LinkedIn?

A strong and compelling LinkedIn Summary is an essential tool for Linkedin sellers. A good biography is great for making online business contacts.

How to write a sales summary on LinkedIn?

Most people find writing a summary on LinkedIn an extremely difficult task. On the contrary; Here’s the 8-step formula for writing the perfect biography on LinkedIn.

1. Introduce yourself as if you were in a networking meeting

The most basic step in any piece of writing is an introduction. Start by introducing yourself and what you are doing. Your tone should be conversational and not very corporate. You want to attract readers and grab their attention long enough for your message to reach the recipient.

2. Be authentic

Originality is an important aspect of your LinkedIn profile. It helps to stand out and builds credibility. One way to increase authenticity is to avoid general phrases; make sure your content is not only unique, but also clearly defines your features and capabilities.

3. List your achievements

Your achievements are among your strongest selling points. Keep them concise and simple.

4. Use numbers and data

Figures and data are a great way to add credibility to your achievements by providing measurable evidence of your accomplishments.

5. Your Value Proposition

Value proposition, in simple terms, is what you bring to the table. Create a unique offer that customers will not be able to resist. Your value proposition should be clearly stated in your LinkedIn bio.

6. Skills and experience

Your LinkedIn summary should include a short but accurate summary of your key skills and experience that is relevant to your current goals and objectives. To emphasize, even more, use examples of cases where you have used these skills and achieved positive results.

7. Maximize your keywords keywords

Your summary should contain conveniently placed and relevant keywords to drive traffic to your profile.

8. Call to Action

To complete your summary, add a call to action for viewers of your profile. Tell your readers what you want them to do. Perhaps you want them to contact them, or maybe you need them to purchase the products/services you specialize in. This guarantees an increase in sales, and hence revenues.

In the second and third parts of the article, we will discuss in detail the 9 necessary steps to optimize your sales profile on Linkedin.

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