Company Profile on LinkedIn – how to run it for the best results (Part 1)

Maintaining an online and social media presence is essential to stay with your customers, prospects, employees, the media, and others who are interested in getting news about your company and its employees. Company profile on LinkedIn is one of the places where the presence of your company is essential.

In many ways, your LinkedIn company profile is the second page of your company. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social network where many people directly search for business information, therefore a LinkedIn company profile may even be more important than your actual website.

The LinkedIn company profile provides a platform to publish information about what you are doing and promote important news, insights, events and services. It is one of the most powerful online marketing tools for businesses of all sizes if you are constantly posting and interacting with your followers.

To get the best results on your LinkedIn Business Profile, there are three things you need to do:

 1.   Increase the number of followers of your company profile on LinkedIn,

  2.   increase engagement on your company profile on LinkedIn,

   3.   post content that helps and educates LinkedIn users.

No matter how many followers you have, you need to engage them with your posts, otherwise, they will lose interest and your shares will not show up in their news feed. You can do this by regularly posting helpful, valuable content.


How to do it?

First, get acquainted with the basics. Before you even think about implementing the following tips, make sure every section on your LinkedIn Company Profile is properly completed. Why is it so important? Company profiles on LinkedIn with full information get 30% more views. The basics you need to do are add a cover photo, profile photo, make sure your website and contact information are complete, and an „about us” section – more on that later.


Optimize your LinkedIn business profile for SEO.

Did you know that you can optimize your LinkedIn business profile for search engine searches? Thanks to this, your website will be fully discoverable on major search engines such as Google.

Here’s how to do it:

1.    Identify and use appropriate keywords,

   2.   write a strong section about us,

      3.   post regular updates on your website (we’ll cover that later).

Consistent, fresh content is indexed and helps the search engine recognize your website as an active and valuable source of information.

Encourage you to visit your company profile on LinkedIn

Add a „Follow” button on your website in a prominent place – Add to your homepage and include social media sharing buttons on all your news, events and publications to make it easy to share your content with others.

Take a strategic approach to promote your website.

Add a link to your website in employee email signatures, customer alerts, invitations, email newsletters, and blogs.

Get your employees involved.

Your employees are your strongest brand ambassadors in developing your company profile on LinkedIn. Encourage them to spread the word to friends and colleagues by like, comment and share posts and tag your page in updates. If you have a new business profile on LinkedIn, this is a necessary step towards further development and increasing your reach. Also, make sure your employees are linked to your company profile (by adding their current role in your company in the „Work Experience” section), because every time your employees make new connections on LinkedIn, a new connection will also be asked to follow Your company profile on LinkedIn.

Training is key.

Offer all employees social media training on how to like, comment and share posts.

Use your employees.

Send your employees key posts on your company’s social media every week to encourage them to share the posts on their profiles. Inform the people named in the post (using the @ sign and their name) each time the marketing team publishes an update related to them. Increase the number of followers among your employees. Your employees are usually one of your main supporters. Encourage them to share post updates as their followers will also see your actions. The effect is that you increase your potential for „views”, which leads to an increase in the likelihood of additional followers.

Get creative with your posts.

Use company documents, use statistics or presentations. Create an editorial calendar to keep track of your posts.

Use @mentions to your advantage.

Highlight employees, key leaders and customers by placing the @ sign in front of their names – this marks them in the post and shares a link to their LinkedIn profile – this has two benefits: it increases their visibility and strengthens their relationship with them.

Get your community involved.

React and comment on your #Community channels to show your page to new audiences. You can also reply to posts and group discussions from your company’s website.

Share video and visual content.

Make sure your posts contain eye-catching visuals. You can easily create them yourself using Canva. Unique images, and especially videos, stand out more in channels, helping your brand (and your LinkedIn business profile) to get noticed. LinkedIn data shows that custom image collages increase the level of engagement on the platform, so consider uploading a series of event photos or employee photos.

Encourage employees to participate in LinkedIn Groups.

In the current market conditions, LinkedIn Groups have never been more important in meeting new people and promoting your brand. When subject matter experts from your company participate as members of these mini-communities, it can increase awareness of your brand as well as demonstrate its authority on key topics

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