Automation on LinkedIn – what you should know

Effective selling through social media always requires automation to achieve the best possible results. However, social media, including LinkedIn, are trying to fight automation tools. That is why we have prepared for you a list of the most necessary information that will help you start your adventure with automation on LinkedIn.


But process automation is a necessary step for any business, so social platforms are using automation to catch users who are using automation … sounds complicated?

When it comes to automation on LinkedIn, it requires a lot of practice. This is because LinkedIn’s position on the use of automation is very negative, and you need to carefully choose the tools you use to avoid detection by LinkedIn’s algorithms.

The strict rules of social platforms against automation and changing algorithms are a challenge for traders and sellers using social selling. However, this does not change the fact that automation on LinkedIn allows you to reach a much larger number of potential customers and increase profits from B2B sales.


Advantages of Automation on LinkedIn

Before we mention the challenges of automation on LinkedIn and the tools used, let’s start with the advantages. Why is it worth introducing automation to B2B sales on LinkedIn? Below we have prepared the 3 most important reasons for introducing automation on LinkedIn:

• Automation on LinkedIn helps you establish large-scale business contacts.

Introducing automation on LinkedIn ensures that you don’t get overwhelmed by managing and acquiring leads, especially if you want to reach multiple users.

• Automation on LinkedIn will help you achieve your sales goals faster.

• By using automation, you are actively building your network of contacts.


The dangers of automation on LinkedIn

The most important threat when using automation on LinkedIn is the permanent banning of the account.

You also need to remember that personalizing your communication is more difficult when you write to hundreds of people. You need to rethink all communication and prepare a thoughtful campaign and automation strategy. For the best results, you can’t just rely on automation, no matter what automation tool. In the end, direct contact with a potential client is always the most important. Make sure that the path of your automation on LinkedIn consists of well-thought-out steps and that your offer is properly presented.

Automation on LinkedIn and SPAM

Some salespeople and traders are nervous about the idea of ​​automation. They are afraid that their message will be treated as SPAM and discourage their offer instead of being an incentive for further contact. But are they right? Not exactly, and below we explain why.

What is spamming on LinkedIn?

Spamming on LinkedIn is different from spamming on other social media platforms, although it also has a lot of similar elements. To fully understand spamming on LinkedIn, you need to know what’s happening. What is spam on LinkedIn?

Spamming on LinkedIn is not the same as spamming on other social media platforms, although they are closely related. To understand spamming on LinkedIn, you need to understand what is considered to be such:

• Urgent promotion of your business in comments to posts that do not relate to your offer.

• Providing references to people you have not worked with or know.

• Downloading users’ e-mail addresses and sending them e-mails without their prior consent.

• Sending subsequent messages, despite the lack of response from the other user (if you have not received a reply to the first 3 messages, do not send the next one).

• Immediate sending of the sales offer after the user accepts the contact invitation.

Now that you know how LinkedIn automation can help SMBs and how to distinguish spam from automation see what challenges users face when using automation tools on LinkedIn.

Automation challenges on LinkedIn


1. Security and privacy

The data security issue is one of the most important aspects for most companies. All the more so with the changes in the law introduced by the GDPR.

When managing more than one account on LinkedIn, you will encounter problems logging in to each of them. In addition, you need to decide whether your sellers will use their private accounts or create separate accounts for them. In the case of using their private accounts, the profile data and password are disclosed.

For the security of sales accounts with automation, the best solution is an automation tool that mimics human behaviour to bypass LinkedIn algorithms that catch SPAM activities.


2. Proper communication

The first step before starting an automated campaign should be to establish a communication strategy. How do you best present your offer? Who should you address your main communication to?

If you do not have experience in running automation on LinkedIn, it is worth using the help of an expert. Mass communication, but still with specific personalization elements that the automation tool allows, has specific needs, and it is worth using expert advice.

Make sure you don’t lose your potential customers in front of an inappropriate vocabulary, or a poorly structured message, or a mismatched campaign target audience.


3. Supervision of the campaign

Checking the results during the campaign is essential for checking the effectiveness of the automated sales campaign strategy. You need to check how many interactions the automation is doing, how many messages are sent, what actions are taken and what the preliminary results are. You need a tool that will give you this opportunity.

The initial results are the first part. The second is their analysis and possible correction in the campaign settings. Here, too, you will need the care of an automation expert on LinkedIn, who will help you analyze the results and decide on the next steps.


4. What to do after automation?

After completing the campaign, you need to check how your pre-campaign assumptions translated into an increase in the customer base or another campaign goal. Sit down with the person responsible for your campaign and compare the campaign results.

Find the answer to the questions:

• Was the target group appropriate?

• Which messages produced the best results?

• Have the acquired leads become your clients?

• What was the conversion of the acquired contacts?

Remember that the main goal of automation is to allow you and your employees to devote time to effective and creative activities. You can leave the search for LinkedIn for potential customers and making the first contact to the automation tool.


Is there automation for you on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the best social media platform for generating high-quality leads and leads for your business. Whether you are running a small, medium or large business, at some point you will need to use and automate your sales strategy on LinkedIn to get the best results. Fortunately, there are many options in the market to meet your social media automation needs in 2021. RobotIn is one of them, we offer not only a unique tool, but also the support of our experienced Business Analysts who will prepare a campaign strategy and support you at every step.

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