17 tips on how to get more likes and reactions for your content on LinkedIn (Part 1)

The times when LinkedIn was only a portal for job seekers are over.


Regardless of who you are, whether you are a business owner or building your brand, your LinkedIn profile is a digital showcase that shows not only your skills, experience and network of contacts but also your value in the industry. Therefore, make sure that the content you publish on LinkedIn generates the interest of your contacts.

According to research conducted on social media:

• 81% of B2B salespeople use LinkedIn to promote their business

• B2C traders increased their LinkedIn usage from 46% to 50% in 2020

• 55% of salespeople plan to increase their activity on LinkedIn in 2021

• In short, sales on LinkedIn are going by and will not stop

However, for most of the 260 million monthly active LinkedIn users (40% of them enter the platforms daily), the LinkedIn feed can be boring at times. This means that users are looking for valuable and creative content and will repay you by interacting with your profile.

That is why we have prepared for you 17 tips on how to create content on LinkedIn that will get more likes and drive engagement with your profile!

To start with, LinkedIn Likes and Engagement are a measure of the reach of your content. The more people react to your content on LinkedIn, the more people will show it on LinkedIn.


Here are 3 reasons why you should strive to interact with your content on LinkedIn:

1. You reach your target audience: the more people interact with your content, the more people will see it. As a result, this will help you increase the number of LinkedIn connections you make and show your brand to the right audience.

2. Promote your company. Users pay close attention to other users’ recommendations, so when other users like or share your content, it’s a signal of trust for other people who might be interested in your business.

3. Achieve your business goals: virtually every company wants to generate leads through LinkedIn. Sharing valuable content is a proven way to start a conversation with potential customers, spark their interest in your business, and turn committed followers into customers. As a result, your business will use LinkedIn to achieve its business goals.

If you already have your LinkedIn profile, the first step is behind you. But if you want to arouse interest in your company, develop your network of contacts and find potential customers, it is important that you publish valuable content on LinkedIn that will increase interactions with your profile.

Learn 17 tips for creating content on LinkedIn that engages the LinkedIn community and results in more likes, comments, shares and clicks.


1. Show the values ​​of your company

LinkedIn is a professional network, so it’s no surprise that most users want to learn more about your business by checking your company profile.

The best way to meet their needs and increase engagement with your content is to show the value of your company. Not only does this help promote your business and deliver the right message to your target audience, it also helps you attract the right customers who share your values.


2. Take your audience behind the scenes of your business with LinkedIn Stories

Brand authenticity matters! People always choose brands they trust.

One of the best and easiest ways to show the authenticity of your brand is to take your audience behind the scenes. Not only does this help create an emotional bond with your customers, it also helps increase brand loyalty and trust.

Whether you want to showcase your team in the office, send a CEO greeting, or introduce team members, the behind-the-scenes content portrays your business culture, management, staff, and day-to-day work.

Use a new tool for this: LinkedIn Stories

To increase engagement with your followers and convince more users to respond to your LinkedIn content, consider short posts that disappear within 24 hours.

With the introduction of LinkedIn Stories, creators have been given a new, engaging, and creative way to take your audience behind the scenes without clogging your main profile posting.

Moreover, LinkedIn Stories are extremely popular with younger social media users.

When it comes to LinkedIn Stories, you can make your behind-the-scenes content even more appealing by tagging users, adding stickers, and writing engaging texts.


3. Use videos to explain how your service works

For most brands, being on social media is a great way to tell more about your business, show off your products or services, and find potential customers. However, the attention paid by users to one content is less than 8 seconds.


Solution? Video content!


• 59% of people prefer watching a video to reading a text to learn about a product or service

• Viewers retain 95% of the message while watching a video

• 92% of users share videos with other contacts

Directly speaking, people watch videos more than any other form of content. With relevant video posts, you can explain how your service or product works and thus attract more customers to your business.


4. Show your company’s achievements

Brand trust is just one reason people want to buy from successful brands. To mark the development and growth of your business, it’s important to talk about your company’s important achievements on social media.

Whether your company is celebrating an anniversary, expanding your team of employees, or launching a new product, tell your LinkedIn followers about these achievements.

Users are more likely to share the good news with their friends, so this type of content is more likely to get more likes, comments, and shares. In summary, they help increase engagement.


5. Create and share your podcast

Modern social media users spend a lot of time and effort in personal development and try to make the most of every minute. The popularity of podcasts comes from people being able to listen to news podcasts anytime, anywhere.

As an expert in your industry, you can create a podcast to share your knowledge with a wider audience. If you already have a podcast, please share it on LinkedIn.

Why can’t you forget about LinkedIn when promoting your podcast?

64% of podcast listeners also use social media platforms several times a day, so sharing your podcast on LinkedIn is a great way to reach a wider audience and increase interaction with your account and content.

To reach more people with your podcast series, you can use LinkedIn posts to find new visitors who can spread your podcast information to their network of contacts.

When you invite more guests to participate in the recording of the next episodes, they will also share it with their network of contacts. Thus, you will reach new recipients and strengthen your brand.


6. Publish reports and statistics from your industry

For most professionals, it’s important to keep up with industry trends. That is why LinkedIn users are interested in reports and statistics that show what is fashionable in a given industry.

Do you have a report or statistics related to your industry on your blog? Time to share this data with your followers on LinkedIn.

Now that you’ve spent the time and effort preparing your report make the most of it by sharing with users who follow your account.

Moreover, many authors refer to reports when writing their articles, which gives you the chance to attract more connections on LinkedIn.

For the remaining 13 tips on how to create content on LinkedIn that will get more likes and drive engagement with your profile, see the second part of the article.

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